ATB Motors, a Wolong Company

In 1919 ATB - Antriebstechnik Bauknecht - was founded by Gottlob Bauknecht and has since become a leading manufacturer of innovative electric drive systems. The product range includes electric motors, generators, transformers, frequency converters, inverters and controllers from a few Watts to 50MW for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. We develop and deliver standard, customer-specific and project-based products in small, medium and large series.

The ATB Group, which includes renowned brands such as Brook Crompton (since 1878), Schorch (1882), Laurence Scott (1883) and Morley (1897), has more than 3,500 employees worldwide and production sites in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia and China. With a share of 100%, the industrial and financial Chinese Wolong Group is its main shareholder, the strategic investor and a strong partner for the ATB Group. The Wolong Group, with more than 17,500 employees worldwide, is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical drive systems and has years of experience and intensive cooperation with several international companies.

ATB Motors B.V. (based in the Netherlands) is a subsidiary of the ATB Group, founded in 1982, and responsible for all commercial activities for the group in the markets Benelux, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia. Local sales teams provide support for the entire range of products.
In addition, ATB Motors B.V. is the representation of Fuji Electric frequency inverters since 1990. With the German firms OMS Antriebstechnik - elevator drives - and Langer & Laumann - lift controls and door operators - ATB Motors B.V. has also established a long-term intensive cooperation.

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